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Modular Horse Stalls

Horseman's Choice stalls have established a reputation for premium quality features and construction in an affordable, easy-to-set-up modular system.

Modular horse stalls can be set up in various row configurations with the use of easy to use connectors (see below). Lower 4' of stall can be filled with 2" (customer supplied) lumber. Heavy gauge 2" round tube framing is used for extra strength and stability.1/2" solid vertical rods spaced 3" apart allow for better ventilation and viewing of the horse than competitors vertical tube dividers. Each stall front comes with a 4' sliding door and 2' feeder door. Feeder door swings out easily and is low enough to allow even a child to use. Sliding door has rollers on top which allow the door to glide easily with minimal effort. Optional Corner Feeders (PCF or HFC) can be attached to allow horse to be fed from outside the stall.

Panels are finished with our full bake premium powder coat polyester paint which is unmatched in the industry. Available in gray only.

Modular Horse Stalls

Modular Panels

7' Horse Stalls Modular Panels Item No. Dimensions Weight
10' Front Panel w/Door 76110267 10' x 7' 205
10' Stall Panel w/Bars 76110277 10' x 7' 140
10' Solid Panel 76110247 10' x 7' 120
12' Front Panel w/Door 76110287 12' x 7' 230
12' Stall Panel w/Bars 76110297 12' x 7' 165
12' Solid Panel 76110257 12' x 7' 140
12' Solid Front Panel w/Door 76110727 12' x 7' 210

Stall Connectors

Horse Stall Connectors for Sale in IL
Stall Connectors Item No. Weight
Wall Connectors (Pair) 76110317 2
2-Way Connectors (Pair) 76110327 3
3-Way Connectors (Pair) 76110337 5
4-Way Connectors (Pair) 76110347 6
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