Watering Equipment

The Super 2 Hole Cattle Drinker (S-F2C)

The Super 2 Hole Cattle Drinker (S-F2C) is designed for heavy cattle use in extremely cold temperatures. It has been tested at -20F for 48 hours without freezing up with no animals drinking. The rim design keeps float balls free of ice buildup. Extra thick 4" urethane insulation. It has a removable top for hot weather operation.

Two and four hole Freedom Fountains are built to provide a continual supply of fresh water to small or large groups of animals depending on the unit. The float balls keep the units algae free. The heavily insulated walls keeps water cool in summer and warm in winter.

An optional low pressure valve and pressure regulator are available for special applications.

To ensure proper operation, it is recommended that each unit be installed with the Freedom Fountain Earth Tube and Hook-up Kit.

The Water Valve and Hook-Up Kit contains everything needed to properly plumb any Freedom Fountain. The hydrant-valve design drains the water line when the valve is in the off position. 6' or 8' available. NOTE: The Hookup Kit will not work on low pressure - minimum 20 p.s.i.

The Insulated Earth Tube (FF-ET48) provides the protection needed to keep the riser pipe from freezing below the ground even in the coldest weather.

Optional Heated Float Valve Cover prevents freezing in extreme weather. Units have non-siphoning water valve, built-in hold downs, removable drain plugs and easily accessible doors. Fully assembled, ready to install.

All Freedom Fountains have a 5 year limited warranty on the body and a 1 year limited warranty on valves and controls.

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